Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oh Blogger!

I've just spent the last hour or so surfing
the net for advice on how to integrate photos
into written text. I found an interesting
blog written by Emma, who says it's not
possible in Blogger.

However, I've seen a few blogs, for example
Twotonerecords, where this has been done.

Carry on blogging.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Having fun uploading my photos

Well, here we go again.

My fourth attempt to get one of my photos
onto this blog, with some text wrapped
around it.

I’ve been reading the FAQ section in
Picasa 2, and then have been fiddling around
with P2 and Hello.

Carry on fiddling.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Give us this day our daily blog

Well you can see this blog is not even once a
month. Anyway, the levels of beer in my two
kegs were getting low, so I’ve started off
another brew today.

Over the Xmas period and since, I’ve been
drinking two kit beers, one in the Munton’s
Gold Range and Brupak’s Kirkby Bitter. I
thought both of them were of reasonable
quality, but not exceptional (or I would
drunk them faster).

The brew I set going today was Woodforde’s
Norfolk Wherry Best Bitter, recommended by
Peter Laycock.

Have a look at his excellent site.

I was surprised to find that this kit was in
fact made by Munton’s. I’ll let you know what
I think about this brew in due course.

My brewing history….
Well, I started off brewing in the late 1970s
with some inferior kit beers (the type where
you add sugar to the mix). In the 1980s I
had a go at mashing the malted grain, etc,
and for a while joined a group of home
brewers, who on the whole produced some very
good beers.

Then I teamed up with my brother-in-law, and
we made some good beers using malt extract
(Edme SFX), together with various types of
hops (Goldings and Fuggles mainly). I
experimented for several years, trying to
make a perfect tasting brew, with little

Then in the 1990s my local home-brew shop in
Nottingham, suggested I try the Brupak’s and
Munton’s range of beers and lagers, together
with the Hambleton Bard beer kegs. These kits
(with no added sugar) are worth paying the
extra for, for superior tasting beers in my

Talk to you soon.