Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

Flowers for Easter

Are you enjoying the current heat wave, here in the UK? All the plants
and trees are thinking it's high summer and are about 2 weeks ahead in
growing / flowering time. I for one tend to wilt a bit in the continual
heat, and am thinking I'd like it to rain (if only to water our garden).

Oh well, we're off tomorrow to Scotland to the Lowlands area, not far
from Edinburgh ... some light showers are forecast. Hurray!

Talk to you soon, me ducks.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

An empty nest again

We waved goodbye to our daughter L and her family earlier this evening
… the journey by car takes three and a half hour journey, to get to
their home in South Wimbledon.

The last few hours of their stay here dragged on somewhat, as they were
all ready to go, but stayed longer to avoid the rush-hour traffic. As
soon as they set off, our house appeared very quiet and empty … we’d
had two little children running around it for a week, and yesterday
there were all four of our grandchildren running around. We took them
all to a local park to the childrens’ play area yesterday, but the rest
of the day with them was bedlam and exhausting.

Both Mrs C and I are looking forward to a one day holiday tomorrow, a
doing very little apart from a bit of gardening and unblocking the
kitchen sink, and generally pottering around. We will probably carry
on watching the DVD series of “In Treatment” … a really excellent HBO
television production, which I've mentioned recently.

(Nottingham Arboretum in the early evening sunlight)

I’ve carried on taking more photos, like the one above, plus more
of the grandchildren, of course. As most of you will know by now,
I’m really enthusiastic about Flickr and the high quality of most
of the photos on it. I’m giving a short talk on how to use Flickr
to my photography group this week, and later on, I’ll be showing
another U3A group, how easy it is to download photos onto your
computer using a card reader … simply drag and drop.

Next weekend, Mrs C and I are heading off to the Scottish lowlands,
where some of Mrs C’s ancestors came from … we’ll be going with her
mum and other relatives, on this ancestry trail. So my next blog is
likely to be sometime in early May, when we’re back in sunny