Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Blog A Day Keeps Dementia Away

Hi fans, it’s little ol’ me.

I've just had a marathon home-brewing
session. I've kegged 5 galls of
Woodforde’s Great Eastern Ale, and just
before that, I bottled the end of the
previous keg contents (Wherry Best Bitter,
which was very good). I also started off
another kit, Muntons Premium Golden Ale,
which I’ve made before. (I would give a
3 star rating to the taste and quality of
my previous Golden Ale).

I’ve been drinking less home-brew during
the past few months and more wine instead
(following the national trend). I’ve found
wines from Australia and California, in the
£4-5 price bracket to be consistently good,
and you will know that there are generous
discounts to be had on dearer wines, from
time to time. I’ve joined a wine-tasting
circle with the U3A, (the University of The
Third Age) to get to know more about wines
and also to meet other people. I'm also
going to other U3A group activities ...
computing and oral history.

I've also been busy setting up a photo-
gallery on another website (using Dream
-weaver, etc.). From time to time I'll
put some of the pics up on this site as

One of my daughters recently gave me one of
her old mobile phones. She has an annual
contract with her mobile phone company, who
send her a new phone every year (a very
wasteful system, I think). So I am now have
nearly new mobile phone, for the cost of a
£3 Orange pay-as-you-go Sim card ... I won't
be using the phone a lot. "My God," you'll be
saying, "what a tight bastard!"

Anyway, what I’m building up to telling you
is that my new mobile number includes the
numbers 007. So, I’m very pleased to have
007 status. .... sad, isn’t it, but you
can now call me James...James Bond.