Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going off to the seaside

This heading reminds me of one of Enid Blyton's Noddy stories, when Noddy and
Big Ears set off in Noddy's car for the seaside. I don't recall much happening,
except that one of them gets pinched on the foot by a crab. I read it as a kid
myself, and to 
my children when they were young. I can remember feeling excited
when we went 
off to the seaside with my mum and dad.

Our grandchildren M and D are getting excited about going too. M has been going
to bed early, thinking that the sooner she gets to sleep, the sooner she'll get to the
seaside. She asked her mum to put her to bed at 3pm this afternoon. :)

M has been packing her suitcase (a Trunki) today. She'd written a list of things to
take with her, and her mum told us that she was carefully crossing off the list,
things that 
she'd packed. "Just like me," her mum said. Her sister D is into
delegation of the 
packing ... just like her dad.

We're all setting off for Scarborough on Friday morning, and the brilliant news is
that the UK weather will start to improve this weekend ... we're hopefully in for a
and sunny week ahead. Yippee!

I must get out my bucket and spade, and have a look in the loft for my Trunki.


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