Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back from Scarborough

I've spent the last two days sorting out my holiday snaps and putting the best
ones up onto Flickr. It was lovely to see our four girls together again (which
doesn't happen very often, though we do see them individually a lot more).
We were very lucky with the weather again ... the sun shone most of the
time, though the sea breeze was chilly at times. The rain is back with us again
today ... not good for holiday-makers.

So what did you think of the wonderful opening ceremony of our Olympics?
I thought most of was a load of rubbish, but I did enjoy the fireworks and the
orchestral playing, plus a brief video of our Queen being met by James Bond.
I also liked the bit where Kenneth Branagh (aka Kurt Wallander) recited
Caliban's speech from "The Tempest". However, the rest of it was staged
like a bad school play, which I thought will have bored most viewers around
the world.

We'll be in Cromer (at the seaside again) next week, so my next post will be
in about two weeks' time.


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