Friday, June 29, 2012

We're in London this weekend

We set off very early this morning (6.40am) for London, to avoid road closures
in and around Nottingham, with the Olympic Torch procession billed for later 
in the morning. The roads were closed from about 7.00am to 10.00am, which
will have caused major traffic disruption, as it did 
yesterday evening when the
OT arrived.

I didn't feel at all interested in seeing the Torch myself, which looks like a giant
Cornetto ice-cream cone with a flame on top. I gather that there are several
copies of it, being used up and 
down the country. I'm not interested in the
Olympic Games either, though I probably will 
watch a few of the highlights being
shown on 
the telly. I will be more interested in watching the Mens and Womens
Tennis Final on the TV.

Tomorrow we're all going to a school sports day in Kingston (London), during
which one of our granddaughters (Mini) will be competing. Her classmates will
be having their bit of fun 
at the beginning of the day (around 11.00am), but we
are all expected to hang around for 
four hours, to watch other events & for the
awards ceremony at the very end. "All children 
will attend, and all children will
wear their (award) badges / ribbons at school 
next Monday" ... so the headmistress decreed.  Groan!

We'll be on the motorways going back to Nottingham on Sunday, while the Euro
2012 football final 
is being played. I predict that the roads will be very quiet that
evening, so it 
should be a fast journey home. I look forward to seeing the highlights
of the match when we 
get back. I'm not one for sitting around watching an entire
football match on the telly ... I just 
like watching the highlights (the best bits)
at the end of a match, and while the match is on, I prefer to 
watch some more interesting on the box instead (e.g. comedy or drama, on "catch-up").

Yesterday, Mrs C and I went to Scarborough with my mother-in-law, J, for a
family funeral. 
It was C. of E. church do, which we didn't really like ... too many
references to the dearly 
departed going off to Jesus' / God's home, which we
don't really believe in.

For those who 
are believers in Christ / God, it is obviously a great comfort to them
that there is an after-life, 
and that one day, they will be able to meet up with their
loved ones in the next life. 
Not so good however, if the person you married had
run off with someone else, and 
had made your life a misery. In the after-life, all
you'd wish to say to this person is: "Fuck off!"  

After the church service, we met up with the widow and her family for a chat over
a cup of tea and nibbles, which went very well. The widow is a distant cousin of
Mrs C, whom we last 
met in 1999, at a family get-together, when a New Zealand
cousin and his wife came over 
to see us all.

Between the showers of rain, the sun shone brilliantly in Scarborough, and the bays
glorious. We'll be back in Scarborough in early August, to celebrate our
40th wedding 
anniversary with our family (daughters, partners and grandchildren).


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