Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today I finished uploading my latest photos of our grandchildren onto my
Flickr site - click on the link to the site, on the right hand side, if you'd like
to see them. I also went along to hear a talk at my local U3A this morning,
all about The Kindle, which comes  in several versions as you might know.
I can't say I'll ever use one, as I read mainly computer and photography
magazines, and newspapers at present ... I tend to read books when I'm
away on holiday, when I don't have access to a computer.

I spent an hour or so, going through a pile of family photos that Mrs C
had decided throw out ... I saved about a third of them plus a stack of
negatives. I haven't got the time or motivation at present, to re-organize
all these photos & negatives with their related copies. Enough said about
all that.

I'm pleased to say that there's more fantastic Scandinavian TV drama
coming to our screens ...'t-panic,-borgen-and-the-killing-fans---there's-more-where-they-came-from

We watched the first episode of "Sebastian Bergman" on Catch-up TV,
this afternoon ... brilliant, plus a very dated re-run of "Wycliffe". Earlier in
the week, we watched the first episode of an American TV drama called
"Revenge", which looks very promising ... though I thought the plot was
rather OTT.  The lovely Madeline Stowe plays one of the leading parts:
the matriarch, Victoria Grayson. Looking at her CV on Wikipedia, I
recalled which one of her many films I'd seen her in - "Short Cuts".  (Short Cuts)

I recognized Rachel Shelley (who plays Helena Peabody in "The L Word")
in the 1997 episode of "Wycliffe" ... another very familiar face, as I see she's
been in lots of TV drama over the years ...

Mrs C and I are taking another holiday this coming week, in gay Paris ... so
I'll be back to blogging in 1-2 weeks' time.


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