Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some like it hot

I’m very pleased that Summer has finally arrived … the UK was hit by a heat
wave yesterday, and the weather has been transformed from being cold,
damp and wet, to being hot and sunny … as if someone has switched on an
electric oven.

It was a bit too hot for me yesterday … I hopped onto a bus yesterday
afternoon (to re-visit a photography exhibition in town), which was far too
hot. All the windows on the bus were shut and it felt like being in a sauna.
I used a different bus service on the way home, which had the air-con on …
absolutely gorgeous.

As I’ve said a few times already, summer’s really arrived when it’s too hot
for me to wear my longjohns. Even so, sitting here in my top floor study
(where it’s 26 deg C), I’m still wearing a cotton vest under my shirt … as I
feel more comfortable when I’m “toasty”. This is in stark contrast with Mrs C
(and I guess with most women of a certain age), who, when they reach the
menopause, can’t tolerate such heat. Mrs C used to love sunbathing on a hot
sunny beach … that’s not what she likes now.

I can’t stand (there’s a pun here) sitting on a beach all day, doing nothing …
I like to be on the move, looking at the local scenery / wandering around old
cities / villages, & then sitting in a quiet shady corner, drinking tea, coffee or a
cold lager.  That’s my idea of a holiday … a bit like being retired, living in a
fabulous city like Nottingham, and pottering around our house …  my life is
a wall-to-wall holiday.

In the past few days (when I’ve not been out in the sunshine), I’ve been
busy putting together my first website using WordPress. It’s been a fairly
steep learning curve, even though I feel fairly confident using Blogger (and
customising it, to how I like it).

I’m building the website for my singer-songwriter neice … I’ve got the
basic framework together (having added several plugins), but I’m now
waiting for all the content from my neice.

She is a professional artist also,  and is creating a banner for her site (to
replace the Twenty Eleven ones). She’s asked me to keep her site under
wraps until Launch Day, so when LD happens, I’ll reveal it to you.

After I’ve cut my teeth on this project, I’ll see about setting up a WPress
site to take over from this one.

By the way, if you're about to pay for web-hosting for WordPress, I can
recommend GoDaddy to you. You can phone them on a UK landline
phone number** to pay for the web-hosting. A guy at GoDaddy, helped
me set it all up in about 5 -10 minutes, (with the GoDaddy website
up on the computer screen in front of me). The site was activated within
1-2 hours (by GoDaddy). All this saved me several hours of work,
working out how to do it.

The key to logging into WordPress at the very start (and subsequently) is
to use this address for the login page ...

http:// (your domain name without the www) / wp-admin

You then enter your password .. the GoDaddy guy made a few helpful
suggestions about this.

The customer service with GoDaddy was exceedingly good. 

Talk to you soon,

**  020 7979 2661


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