Friday, May 18, 2012

Home Alone

I’m taking Mrs C to Coventry early tomorrow morning, where she’ll spend
the weekend at a conference all about sex therapy counselling. This is an
annual event, so I’ll be on my own for most of this coming weekend. One
thing that tends to happen is that I just eat snacks, such as beans / sardines /
scrambled egg & tomatoes on toast, rather than cook myself a proper meal
(such as an omelette with spuds, carrots and lots of green veg) … in other
words, my diet tend to go to pot.

Sometimes, when Mrs C is away, I treat myself to fish & chips, plus an extra
glass or two of wine / lager  (I’ve reduced the booze to about 8 units of wine
per week, for health reasons and also to economise) … so I might be feeling
very merry tomorrow evening, slumped in front of the telly. If I were more
adventurous, I might go out instead to a pub to listen to some blues music …
but I’m put off by the cold and damp weather we’re having at the moment,
and travelling home by myself late at night.

I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I were living on my own. I
know several people who enjoy doing so, but who also happen to be fairly
sociable (getting out to meet people in a whole variety of settings).  I would
certainly miss the companionship of someone like Mrs C to be with, to chat
about our interests and the people we know, and of course, I’d miss our

Mrs C is the centre of the universe as regards our four girls and their partners
and children (and all our other relations) … she is the queen bee when it comes
to texting everyone.

I’m still struggling to get faster at texting … it takes me about 5 minutes just to
fill one screenful of text on my old Nokia phone, as I find the keys very difficult
to press … I’m about to switch over to a more modern Nokia phone which
belonged to one of my daughters, and which I find is a lot easier to use. (She’s
progressed onto an HTC 10 smart phone, which she’s very pleased with).

My mobile phone use is very limited … I send out about 3-5 texts a week
(which I’ll increase in due course, hopefully with the “new” phone) … I’ve kept
my phone switched off for the best part of 5-6 years, so no-one bothers to text
me (they text Mrs C instead). I’ve found a cheap pay-as-you-go service with
TalkTalk, where texts cost only about 4p each, but I’ve yet to find out if the
UK coverage is as good as Orange’s service. I’ll switch back to using Orange
if it isn’t.

Such is my current mobile phone usage, that Mrs C now ticks me off if I don’t
take it everywhere with me (switched on). “If only your phone was switched
on, I would have asked you to get me …. (from the shops).”  Mrs C usually
follows this up with a few more sentences, cursing me for not being easier to get
in touch with.  Oh the joys of modern technology.

I’ll be keeping my phone on this weekend, as Mrs C likes to send me a text at
bedtime …. “Missing you xxxx” or “Night-night xxxx”

Perhaps I should break the (non) habit of a life-time, and send her a (pre-emptive)
cute message?

P.S. I've put some photos of our holiday in The Algarve, Portugal, onto my Flickr
site. Here’s a small selection of them …

(I've tried several ways of increasing the size of these photos including uploading 
a larger size from my Picasa web album, without any success ... grrr.)


Blogger andrea said...

Parents of teenagers become speedy-fast texters, like me, since that's their preferred method of communication. It's also so much less invasive to text your 19 year old who still isn't home at 2.30 rather than them having to put up with their mummy calling them at a party. :) Being a parent of teenagers, though, means that I'm in that grey area between needing reading glasses and actually having them handy. Those are awfully tiny letters! (And since I'm also going away this weekend, my husband and sons said they're just going to buy a couple of cases of beer and order a stack of pizzas and hope that lasts them...)

12:50 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

I live on my own and just can't be bothered to cook meals just for me in the summer (?), so I have 14 frozen meals delivered every fortnight from Wiltshire Farm Foods meals on wheels service! No food preparation, cooking, washing up etc. Great!

11:44 PM  
Blogger justinc said...

Thanks for your comments, Andrea and Keith. One of my sisters eavesdrops on her kids' Facebook sites, to see what they're up to (all three have now left home, though the youngest comes back home in student vacation time). She also started leaving comments on their sites, until she received a "no" from all three ... it's not cool to have Mummy's comments on their sites. :)
Keith: I think I'd be doing the same, if I were on my own.

9:40 PM  

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