Thursday, February 09, 2012

This past week ...

... it's been very cold outside, with daytime temps around 1 deg C,
and night-time ones as low as minus 8-10 ... unusually low for us,
here in the Midlands. A few days ago, we experienced a modest snow
-fall, some of which is still lying around, despite a slight thaw.
So the highlight of the week for me, was to go out and photograph
some of the scenery and people having fun in the snow.

I must have taken 50 - 60 photos, but I've only put two of them
up onto Flickr. I'm saving one or two to use for Xmas e-cards, so
I'm not putting them on show as yet.

I think this first one looks rather surreal ...


The next one shows families having fun in the foreground, and a
light industrial landscape in the background ... the disused Home
Ales brewery is rather prominent, and you'll see that the lake is
partly frozen over ...


I've also taken a few pics of an exhibition that's on at The Nottingham
Contemporary Art Gallery ... put together by a group of architects
who have had a go at depicting the border area / no-man's land between
Israeli and Palestinian territories, and what's going on there ....
here's one of my photos ... there are a few more on my Flickr site.


I've spent 2-3 days putting together a slide presentation all about
online supermarket shopping (to present in about 8 weeks' time to my
local U3A computer group). Not rocket science, but it might be of some
practical use to those who haven't shopped online for food and other
items before, plus it would be an introduction for some members to
using a few keyboard shortcuts and also an explanation of what cookies
are all about ... not chocolate chip cookies, unfortunately.

We're off to London to stay at our daughter's again for the next few
days, weather permitting. Talk to you soon.


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