Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the past week or so ....

... I went to an evening concert with Mrs C, to hear some chamber music at
the Nottingham High School.
... went to my U3A's Computer Club, where one of my colleagues spoke about
file management. He's a semi-retired computer programmer, so it was a very
high-powered talk.
... went to see the LS Lowry exhibition at Nottm University's Art Gallery
You might know that he painted the drab industrial landscapes of Greater
Manchester, with equally drab-looking citizens wandering around the streets.
He found his niche, as his paintings sold very well. My parents had a few
large prints of his work, one or two of which they displayed on their walls.
.... went to Hucknall on the tram from Nottingham, for a look around. St.
Mary's Church contains Lord Byron's grave, but unfortunately the church was
closed. An ex-mining town, which I don't think we'll visit again.
... also went to Eastwood, another ex-mining town, which was the home of
DH Lawrence ... to see the Heritage Centre and a brilliant photographic
exhibition, plus the Birthplace Museum (see my Flickr photos). It was the
first time I've seen gas lighting inside a house.
... went to see my dentist for part one of a major root canal filling in
one of my molar teeth (she drilled a large hole through the porcelain
crown to get down to the roots). Thrilling!
.... dropped off a load of china, glassware and wooden items off at one
of our local charity shops ... to reduce the clutter in our cupboards.
... went to a U3A photography group (today), for some excellent company
and inspiration as regards improving my skills.
.... did a major update on a U3A website (which took me a few days). I'm
stopping work on this after 6 years in the job, at the end of January.
.... about to start work on another website for one of my nieces, who is
a pop musician. She achieved some fame a few years ago, performing at
Glastonbury and doing a world tour with a major rock band, but took some
time off to raise her son. I won't say any more about her for the time

Tomorrow we'll be meeting up with a couple of friends in town, followed
by grandparent duties later in the day. More of the latter on Friday.
On Sunday we've got a treat lined up for ourselves ... seeing the New York
Met Opera performing "The Enchanted Island" at Nottingham's Broadway
Cinema. We're really looking forward to it.


Blogger Kimber said...

Of course, now I'm dying to know who your neice is!

Nice to read your blog again sir. You are one busy fellow. Lowry eh? Wonder if he's any relation?

Happy new year!

2:24 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks for dropping in, Kimber. I'm sorry that I can't divulge who my niece is, partly because I wish to keep my blogsite private as far as my family is concerned ... any mention of her name on this site, will get page one Google rating (if someone were to google her name).
Lowry isn't related to me, apart from the Adam and Eve connection. :)

10:49 PM  

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