Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea-time conversation between our grandchildren

The other day, 3 year old JJ asked his 5 year old sister A a question:
"What would you like me to get you for a Christmas present?"
A was pleasantly surprised to be asked this, and said after a little
thought: "Get me anything off the telly, please."

I think Santa has been side-lined here, but I'm also surprised myself
at JJ's question, as he doesn't get any pocket money. :)

Mrs C and I have just spent yet another long weekend in London,
visiting our daughter L and her family. You'll see a few more pics
of her children on my Flickr site (link to this on on the right hand

I spent yesterday finishing off a huge back-up of all my photos and
documents (on our two computers), about 10 GB in all, complicated
by the fact that some sets of photos were on one computer and not the
other, and other photos being duplicated on both. Also I've kept some
of the photos as RAW images, for future use, which added to huge
amount I've saved. I've also done registry cleaning & repairs,
plus defrags on both computers, using Auslogic software, and having
deleted loads of photos as well, the computers are operating a lot
faster (not surprisingly).

My next project is to do some tidying up of several bags of paperwork
(paid bills, financial statements, etc..), prior to making a start on
my wife's tax return. I'm hoping to complete the work on this in the
next 1-2 weeks, before the Xmas build-up & the festivities all start.

We'll be spending Xmas in Nottingham this year, and will be joined by
all our 4 daughters and partners, plus grandchildren, at various times
over Xmas. Our house will become a hotel again, with moi and Mrs C
working our socks off, to feed and entertain them all. Oh well, we
love seeing them all, and having them to stay with us.


Blogger andrea said...

Can I come, too? :)

12:05 AM  
Anonymous lom said...

Christmas love love love it, even all the work it brings

4:31 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Andrea: unfortunately there's no room in the Inn ... and we haven't got a stable either.
Helen: yes, I really love it too ... it's kind of magical for me, with the Xmas tree lit up and the carol singing, and seeing the excitement on the children's faces ... happy memories for me when I was as a child.

2:44 PM  

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