Friday, August 19, 2011

The Wedding

Here are a few photos for you ... lots more up on my Flickr site.

The happy couple being sprinkled with confetti ...


Mrs C drew the outline for this picture & our granddaughter A coloured it in.


Mrs C had the great idea of creating this photo-montage for the party we
held a week later at our house. I used some posh wall-lining paper to cover
one of our large paintings, and then Mrs C chose and sellotaped on a selection
of my pics.


Here's the confetti scene re-enacted at our house ... which we thought would
be a fun thing to do for the kids. You can now get bio-degradable confetti
i.e. it's paper ... so we haven't been bothered to sweep it all up.


Both the wedding and the party afterwards went very well, and I was very
impressed with how my photography went .... hats off to my new camera flash
unit (the Canon Speedlite 580EX II) which worked like a dream. It would have
been better in some ways to have used a reflector and no flash for a lot of
the outdoor shots, but unfortunately my assistant couldn't attend either the
wedding or the party. As I may have said before, I think having the photos
done professionally is worth every penny ... when you think of their
expertise & training costs, the cost of their equipment, their time, the
costs of premises and running cars, photo-editing & printing costs and making
a living out of it.

We've got 2 of our grandchildren and their mum L staying with us for another
week (plus two more grandchildren all today as well), so it's a busy time
for both Mrs C and me. We love having them all here, but it can be hard work
at times. On the plus side ... yet more opportunities to photograph them. :)

I've got a few more projects in mind to do in the next few months ....
... painting Mrs C's counselling room & the perimeter wooden fence
... sorting out Mrs C's tax return (an annual chore that you'll be familiar
... getting a webmasters group going for our county-wide network of U3As
... making a start on my mother-in-law's family history ... she's now 91
years of age, and I would like to jot down all her recollections of her
family, before she pops her clogs. She is however reluctant to do this
as she tends to get tearful when she talks about immediate family, as
she is the only one that's alive in her generation. She was born in
New Zealand, and came over the UK with her parents when she was 3 years
of age. One of her sisters emigrated back to NZ in later life, so Mrs C
has a number of cousins living out there, as has her mum.

When we visited NZ in December 2006 with her, the immigration official
looked at her passport and then said very cheerfully to her: "Welcome back!"


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