Monday, May 30, 2011

The Tale of Two Poos

Our daughter L in London sent us a text message yesterday to let us
know that she's having another go at potty-training Little D. She
reported that she was having some success with D, though D needed
prompting from time to time to use her potty.

L then went on to tell us about ...

1. a low point in her day when she stepped on one of D's poos ...
... luckily they don't have any carpets in the house ... it's
considered to be trendy not to have any carpets, by some people
(not by me ... but then I'm not trendy any more).

2. the high point in her day, when D said goodbye to her second
poo, as it was being flushed down the loo:
"See you soon! Have fun!"


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