Monday, May 09, 2011

Photos I've taken of the Scottish Borders

I thought I’d post you a few photos from what I’ve just uploaded onto

Here are some gorgeous tulips I photographed in a garden in Newstead …


Here’s a lovely woodland view I photographed on an evening walk to see
the William Wallace monument in the Dryburgh area …


On my way back from the above walk, a large female deer charged downhill
straight in front of me, jumping over a low wire fence at the edge of
the path ... a really amazing experience, though somewhat surreal, as
within a few seconds it disappeared from view when it reached the bottom
of the valley (by the R. Tweed).

Below is a woodland view taken at New Lanark, a large cotton mill
complex owned at one time by Robert Owen, who was a pioneer in improving
working conditions and the welfare of his workforce and the families
who lived there …


A terrestrial globe in the schoolroom at New Lanark, which was made in
about 1828 … you can see that the west coast of the USA was unexplored …


I’ll carry on showing you a few more pics in my next post … or you can
pre-empt that by having a look at the first 12 pages on my Flickr site.
(There's a link to this at the top of the right hand side-bar).


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