Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our weekend in London & Google Chrome

Mrs C and I went to London last weekend, to stay with our daughter L
and her family. We didn’t do anything special apart from a picnic at a
local park on one sunny day. I did some lawn mowing, while Mrs C
made a start on clearing one of the side borders in the back garden.
We’ll be back there in 5-6 weeks’ time to carry on gardening.

Here are a couple of photos I took of our very photogenic granddaughters
… Little D and her sister M.



BTW, I'm very pleased with Google Chrome (instead of using Mozilla Firefox
& before that, Internet Explorer). It's much faster, and has a minimal
interface (similar to the Google search page). I use Desktop shortcuts
to my most frequently used email sites and websites ... I don't bother
with Bookmarks / Favourites any more ... I find it much faster to use
either a Google search or the quick launch facility of my shortcuts.

Three more brilliant things about Google Chrome ....
1. the URL box also acts as a Google search box
2. the predictive info that appears when you're logging in, is wonderful
3. the screen capture add-on, Awesome Screenshot, is brill for making
presentations, etc ... though if you've got the Snipping tool of
Windows Vista or Windows 7, this is excellent too.


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