Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More pics

OMG, it's nearly the end of the month ... I'm getting bloggy withdrawal
symptoms :) ... in fact I'm wondering what I've been doing all this
month. Well, 7-10 days was taken up with our family holiday in
Tenerife (the weather was rather wet & windy to start with, but improved
during the week), and a few more days sorting out all my photos and
dealing with all the mail and other stuff, post holiday. I've spent
another week or so setting up new web-hosting for my local U3A website,
(with Easily), and then re-building the website. Mrs C and I have been
catching up on all our favourite TV dramas, and watched the thrilling
last two episodes of "The Killing" last weekend ... when it ended, I
was left feeling emotionally drained as were most of the characters in
the drama. We've just started to watch the DVD series of "In Treatment",
which describes a counsellor dealing with his clients on a weekly basis,
and dealing with a lot of problems of his own ... an excellent production.

I'll finish with posting a few photos, that I've taken in the past few
weeks ....

A touch of Spring:

Victorian monuments in one of Nottingham's cemeteries:

Little A:

Her brother J:

M and D on a beach in Tenerife:

The same beach in Tenerife:

More pics on my Flickr site.


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