Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo-blogs and photo-editing horrors

There are some truly inspirational photo-blogs around, and one of the
best I've found is called Inphoto dot org, set up by Donncha O Caoimh,
an Irishman. He's taken some wonderful photos, as you will see if you
click on the link I've set up to his site in my side-bar. The view of
the cathedral in Cork, bathed in evening sunlight is fabulous. Donncha
declares at the top of his blog that "there are no photoshopped images
here". Hooray!

I much prefer taking portrait shots of people in natural light, as I
find flash tends to blot out some natural features, as the light can be
too harsh. I dislike Gimp or Photoshop being used to enhance people's
looks, & the colours in landscape shots. All too often I see shots of
people with flawless facial skin (looking like mannequins) and really
gaudy unnatural-looking landscapes. I think that these photos look
awful and yet photography magazines are full of them. Am I in a
minority in saying this?


Anonymous edtNZ said...

I agree...overcoloured landscapes look odd. And in principle I agree about natural light portrates, having said that my wee Sony point-&-shoot digital camera has an excellent fill-in flash mode that just lights up the forground a tad. Use it all the time

1:57 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks for your comment, Edt. I have used a little fill-in flash myself in the past, with good results. However, my new camera has no inbuilt flash & I don't feel the need to buy a flash unit at present.
What I might make more use of, is a soft box for portraiture and for still-life photography, but this would be yet more expense.

10:42 PM  

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