Friday, February 11, 2011

Morning has broken

Last Monday morning, I got up early and drove over to Colwick Park
lakeside, which is on the southern side of Nottingham just by the
River Trent. There are three lakes in the area, which are gravel
ponds basically. The weather forecast was for a sharp frost
overnight and a misty start to an otherwise sunny day … so it was
bitterly cold when I arrived at 7am (about 40 minutes before
sunrise), and the sky was just getting light.

It was my first ever visit to this side of the park. I set off down
a muddy track on the northerly side of the lake, and within a few
minutes spotted my first good view ...


Here are a couple more of my photos there ...



I’ve put a few more photos of the sunrise on my Flickr site, if you wish to
have a look.

A bit later I drove over to the Beeston Canal and Marina, to
photograph the early morning light and the boats there. I was on
my way to visit a clock repairer who I've known for donkeys years.
... the old bracket was damaged before Xmas while I was taking it
down to redecorate our dining area ~ or to put it another way:
I broke it. :) It’s amazing how much we missed having the clock
up on the wall, as if an old friend or family pet was no longer
around. It's that well-known condition: "empty wall syndrome",
where you continually look round to the wall, when a clock or
picture is no longer hanging there ... you end up feeling bereft.

The clock was in my parents' house for many years, one of several
clocks in their possession. After my mum died, we shared out the
clocks between us (two brothers and two sisters). I asked for this
one, which had been given to my mum and dad by two close friends
of theirs.

You can see a photo of the clock on the wall, which I took at one
of our family gatherings last summer. After that I've posted a
photo of one of the boats at Beeston Canal.




Blogger Rog said...

First shot most lovely ... you must have a spirit level with you!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Rosie said...

That is a beautiful boat and scene.

10:12 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Ta very much, Rog and Rosie. I didn't bother using the spirit level, Rog ~ I was too busy trying to compose the shot and catch the light before it all changed. The horizon is not all that level, when you have a closer look, but I didn't bother tweaking it in Gimp.

11:05 PM  

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