Thursday, February 24, 2011

It felt like a lovely Spring day today … brilliant sunshine with a
warm and gentle breeze. It was one of those days when it feels great
to be alive… or to paraphrase that: I feel great to be alive ~ so now
you know. :)

Mrs C and I spent part of the day visiting Wollaton Hall, a huge
Elizabethan mansion, set in a gorgeous park within Nottingham … one
of the must-see places to visit if you ever spend some time in the
area. We went on a brilliant guided tour of the house, around parts
of the house that have been recently opened to the public. For many
years, it’s been a rather boring natural history museum, with lots
of stuffed animals looking a bit worse for wear in the display cases.
Now they have set aside a few rooms to give visitors an idea of how
the wealthy owners used to live. However, you’d see lots more by
visiting Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth, both of which have fabulous

I’ve taken a few photos of the house, which I’ll add to my Flickr
site in the next few days. Here are a few of my photos of
Chatsworth, taken a few years ago ....,
and a few of Hardwick also ...

In the past week or so, I’ve been busy doing various bits and bobs
with websites & blogsites, and learning a bit more on how to use my
new camera. Mrs C and I spend most evenings televising ~ “catching
up” on our usual mix of documentaries, crime drama and comedy,
and watching DVDs also. We have finished watching the last series
of “Lost”, and are rapidly coming to the end of the 5th series of
“The L Word”, which is a steamy drama about a group of lesbian
women in LA ... very good.


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