Sunday, November 28, 2010


We're having a cold spell in the UK here at present, which the forecasters
are saying could last several weeks ... so we might have a White Christmas
for a change! Yippee!

We had a light snowfall here in the East Midlands, but parts of Scotland
and North-East England have had much heavier snowfalls resulting in the
usual school-closures and problems on the roads. We'll be getting the
usual moans about the inadequacy of local councils' snow-clearing
arrangements, but with successive annual cutbacks in council spending,
clearing snow is not top of the list of spending priorities for any
council. So the misery for some motorists, etc, will be an ongoing

In previous years, I owned a large Land Rover, partly for my practice
use, as I thought it would be ideal for home visits in the snowy weather.
This idea turned out to be of little use in a city environment, as I just
got stuck behind other motorists!

I sometimes wonder why people chose to live in or retire to the country,
as there would be times in the year when they get cut off by snow and ice,
and be badly affected by power cuts, poor mobile phone coverage, and long
distances to get any medical help (especially out of hours).

Last Spring, we had a lovely holiday in North Devon, with one of our
daughters and her family. Unfortunately, Little A developed a bad ear
infection, and we spent one evening travelling 20+ miles there and back
to the nearest hospital, to get some antibiotic treatment for her. We did
see the local GP, but she didn't have a starter sachet of amoxycillin for
her (something I thought most GPs would have access to). Now imagine if
you were having to travel this sort of distance for hospital tests and
treatment, if you were elderly and without a car (and with minimal local
bus services too)?

I'll end with a couple of photos I took yesterday of our neighbourhood,
which has had a light dusting of snow (I took the first one at 7.30am)...



BTW, someone emailed Radio 4 this morning to say that the outside temperature
in Llandrindod Wells (mid Wales) was minus 17 deg. C ... Siberia!


Anonymous edtNZ said...

Pretty snow scenes...stay warm...high of 30C forecasted here in NZ today, currently 24C. Me mam is parked up infront of her evapouration cooler already at 11:39am.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous lom said...

my mother and father in law live not far from Llandrindod Wells, and you are right about the travelling for treatment. My father in law as to travel from Wales to Birmingham for his chemo.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous edtNZ said...

BRRRrrrr.... just googled Nottingham weather... thursdays forecast is for 0C daytime minus 16Overnight....hope your cats are warm inside :)

5:30 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Edt: thanks for your cheerful news about all the lovely sunshine in NZ, and the Big Freeze here. Not much joy for ice-cream sales-people here ... which reminds me of a joke I read today on a birthday card: "The best anti-ageing cream is an ice-cream ... eating one makes you feel young again!" :)

Helen: I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law's ill health, and the long trek he has to do, to get his chemo ... what a nightmare for him.

7:32 PM  

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