Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fancy an e-book at bedtime, Darling?

I'm having a fairly relaxing time in London, chatting with the grown-ups
and playing with the children, Little M and her sister D, watching some
TV with them, going out occasionally to the local shops, and reading
through The Saturday Times, plus the usual eating, drinking
numerous cups of tea and a bit of washing up.

I mention that our preferred newspaper is The Times, though it is biased
towards the Tories. However, I find the news and opinion sections much
more readable than than similar coverage in The Guardian, its jumbo
crossword fairly easy though challenging at times to do (not the cryptic
version though), and its supplement on TV & Radio listings (plus films
reviews) much better. While I sometimes feel uneasy about the profits going to Rupert Murdoch (of News International), overall it is a good quality product.
Once in a blue moon, we buy the BBC Radio Times instead, for its better
TV and radio channel coverage.

You can now pay to read The Times online, but I prefer to watch the news
& weather bulletins on the telly (for free), or look online at the BBC website
for the same info (again free of charge), or to watch Andrew Marr's
political news show on a Sunday morning (as long as he's not interviewing
David Cameron or his side-kick George Osbourne). As regards more in-depth
political news coverage, I prefer to read it in print, as I would any novel ...
I don't really like the thought of reading something as long as War and Peace
in e-book format ... I don't fancy taking a computer screen into bed with me at night-time... I spend too much time looking at one during the day.


Anonymous lom said...

I can't be doing with e-books, I like to turn a page and watch my book marker work it's way through the book

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

I have a Sony 300 eBook reader and I have downloaded a lot of the classic books for free from The Gutenberg Press. I can now read all the books I never had a chance to read when I was a young sprat!

I like it because it's easy to read in bed with having to try to keep paperback books open that always seem to slam shut when you let go with one hand to reach for the whisky or a fag!

10:37 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Helen and Keith ... thanks for your comments. I am a bit old-fashioned in that I prefer the feel and look of a paperback, while reading in bed or on the train / elsewhere. However I can see Keith's point about having a hand free to do something else (and not losing your page at the same time).
Yesterday, I had a play with an Apple "e-book" (while child-minding), and was very impressed with its quality ... I could check emails (by wi-fi) and look at photos too, though I found the touch-keyboard fiddly to use, compared with a standard keyboard. So I don't think I'd pay out for one.

11:27 PM  

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