Friday, September 24, 2010

Thinking about holidays

It's been a rather cold, drizzly and windy day here, in marked contrast to
the Indian summer we've had this week. So I started to think about booking
another holiday for ourselves ... I've just booked us into Thurnham Hall nr. Lancaster for October 2011, which is a lovely mansion in grounds, with a
heated swimming pool, etc.. It belongs to Diamond Resorts Europe Ltd,
of which Mrs C and I are members. Here's a link to the website...

I've spent today on some admin work for my local U3A. I've persuaded someone
else to take on some of the work I've been doing (organising the Computer Club),
and have sent him a lengthy email giving him a lot of ideas on how to do it.

Yesterday I gave a talk to the Club about the joys of using Picasa 3.8 (plus
one or two things I don't like about it). Two of Picasa's brilliant features
are the basic fixes on correcting red eye, and straightening up sea horizons
and verticals too. They are a joy to use. This evening I was looking for a
lovely sunset to go on my Desktop, and chose this one (taken in Gran Canaria
back in February this year). I straightened the sea horizon in Picasa, and
reduced the image size and added some text in Gimp. It's one of my favourite
sunsets, so I hope you'll like it too.

.... click on the photo to see a larger version.

Here is a YouTube video all about Picasa 3.8, which I invite you to have a
look at, if you haven't seen it already. There is a version of Picasa for
Mac users too.


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