Friday, September 17, 2010

Lovely Pembrokeshire

We were in Pembrokeshire in Wales last weekend, staying at a house which was
being rented by friends. We had some lovely weather and saw some wonderful
scenery, and of course had some great company. Here is one of the pics on
my Flickr site for you ...


I had my endoscopy at the hospital last Tuesday, and I'm very pleased to say
that there was nothing seriously amiss ~ just some inflammation in the lower
end of my stomach. I'll get the biopsy reports in 2-3 weeks' time.

As you can imagine, I'm feeling greatly relieved that they didn't find stomach
cancer, as I was fearing the worst (making numerous plans in my mind as what
to do if I'd only a few months left to live). In some ways it doesn't help
having had some medical training, as you're aware of what suffering cancer
patients go through in the final stages of the disease ... it's awful for
their relatives too. Just give me plenty of morphine please, if it it happens
to me.

We've been watching a kind of Celebrity Big Brother on the telly, where a
group of elderly celebs are encouraged to become fitter and more active,
by living together and supporting each other, but in a household where
everything is set in the mid-seventies. The idea is to make them switch
their mental set back to that time, when they were much younger of course,
We've yet to watch the last episode, but most of them are becoming more
confident and more independent. Very interesting.


Blogger Rog said...

Congratulations! I often wondered how Doctor's viewed their own symptonms - I were medically trained I'm sure I'd be a nervous wreck of hypochondria (not that I'm not!).

We stayed in wonderful Pembrokeshire a couple of years ago and my pictures were very similar to yours, but then I was using a Canon 350D!

7:39 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Wow, what a lovely set of photos, Rog! It's gorgeous scenery. Wouldn't you rather be living there, than in Norfolk? :)

10:11 PM  

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