Monday, August 02, 2010

Last of the Summer Music

Today, I met with with a couple of my pals for an electric guitar session,
playing through a few songs from our extensive repertoire, and then hearing
myself singing a version of "I saw her standing there", which we've had
recorded onto a CD with a collection of other songs.

Mrs C listened to a few tracks on the CD when I got home early afternoon,
and when my song came on, she said: "Who's that singing?" ... she didn't
recognise my voice ... which shows how good / bad my singing was. :)

I'll use the CD as a backing track for my occasional guitar practice, but
I don't think I'll make any copies for our girls, as none of them are tone

I spent the afternoon chatting with Mrs C, spending some time answering emails,
making our evening meal (lightly smoked salmon fillets with potato and other
veg), a bit of washing up, and then in the evening, televising with Mrs C
(watching a variety of programmes: "Taggart", "Who do you think you are",
and "Rev" ... the last in the present series unfortunately).

I'm now back on my study computer upstairs at 11.15pm, and am about to
finish off sorting my Flickr photos into sets .... last night I got up to
creating a set of photos of Nuremburg, (which we visited last October).
Tonight I hope to get right up to date. Creating sets in Flickr will enable
me to zip back much faster in time, if we want to look at some pics I took
say two years ago.


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