Sunday, August 08, 2010

Highlights of our weekend

This weekend, Mrs C and I have been out and about ... we met up in
Nottingam city centre yesterday lunchtime, partly to hand over some
belongings to our daughter R, (who was also in town shopping with
Little A), but also to visit a new exhibition at the Nottingham
Contemporary Art Gallery ... a large collection of Diane Arbus's
black & white photos, which were brilliant.

Later on we treated ourselves to a murder mystery play at The
Theatre Royal, and at the interval there was a general twittering in
the audience about whodunwhat. This is an annual event in Nottingham
... the theatre company put on a series of 4 plays each year. We've
booked to see another one in 4 weeks' time. We had the added pleasure
of meeting up with a married couple we hadn't seen for about 8/9
years ... I didn't pursue the friendship as one of them is phobic
about cats (& we've got 2 of them), but I hope we'll keep in touch
by meeting up for the occasional meal out.

Today we went out to Patchings Art Centre for lunch, and to see a
couple of exhibitions there ... oil paintings by Trevor Chamberlain
(the larger ones were about £4k each), and landscape photos by Pete
Bridgwood, which were more reasonably priced. The photos were of really
high quality, but I would only like one or two of them up on our
walls, as the rest weren't my cup of tea. A lot of photographers go
for watery scenes (lake views, rivers and seascapes) where the water
has been transformed to a milky white mist ... which is bad in my opinion.
Here's a link to one of the photos I liked.

Later on, we visited a couple of friends who are both recovering from
surgery ... M has just had a total hysterectomy for endometrial cancer
(fortunately removed at a pre-invasive phase), and her husband B has
had hand surgery for ruptured tendons in his Rt hand, following a
horrendous car accident (his car rolled over several times and was
badly smashed up, after possibly hitting a curb). B had to be cut free
of the wreckage, and fortunately he didn't sustain any other injuries.
Both are now at home - M is able to potter around the house, as is B,
who is walking around with his Rt arm in plaster. Both are remarkably
cheerful, and are feeling optimistic about making a good recovery.


Blogger Max said...

Hi Justin. Who starred in Murder With Love then?

10:10 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hello Max ~ I didn't buy a programme so I can't check out all the actors names and their previous acting experience.

I've found one review online which mentions two of the actors ...

6:53 PM  

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