Saturday, July 31, 2010

A request from our granddaughter, Mini

Mrs C received a text from our daughter L, the day after L and her
children went back home to London. Mini had asked her: "Can we go back
to Nottyham today?"

It's cool hazy sunshine outside at the moment. I'm doing a few emails,
plus a little website work, prior to going downstairs to make a cuppa
and to feed the cats.

Later today, Mrs C and I will go out to see the French film, "Gainsbourg"
at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham ... some of you who are old enough
will remember his sexy song with Jane Birkin in the '60s called "Je t'aime",
which was banned from being broadcast by the Beeb I recall, as the content
was deemed to be too lurid (and might corrupt innocent minds). However,
banning anything is great for publicity and for sales.

Here's a version I've just seen on YouTube, with film footage of Serge
singing with Jane, who was said to be the main love in his life ...

I think the person who put this onto YouTube has edited out a lot of
the heavy breathing, etc., that was on towards the end of the song...
though perhaps I'm wrong about this?


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