Sunday, July 11, 2010

Raoul Moat

If you live in the UK, you will have heard about the gunman called Raoul Moat,
who shot his girlfriend after she dumped him, killed her boyfriend and who
also shot a policeman at a motorway junction. He went to ground for a few days
in Rothbury, a village just north of Newcastle, and eventually when cornered
by the police, he killed himself after hours of police negotiation.

The whole incident and the Police’s hunt for him, have been the top news story
for days.

Here’s an article in the Daily Telegraph about him, giving more about his
background and his violent behaviour.

We had visited Rothbury briefly the week before all this happened, while we
were on holiday in Morpeth nearby, so the street scenes were familiar to us.

On the Today Programme on Radio 4, yesterday, they interviewed a psychologist
who thought that RM was a “paranoid narcissicist”, and who talked about the
typical behaviour of such a person. I've read up on this online ... at times,
such people can be aggressive/violent towards others, but at other times they
can be very charming. Sometimes they adopt the role of being victimised …
“nobody loves me” or “it’s all her/your fault”. They lack any empathy towards
others and are totally lacking in self-awareness as regards the effect of
their behaviour has on other people.

I gather that some men had left comments on Raoul’s Facebook site, supporting
his violent actions towards his ex-girlfriend, after she’d ditched him … which
I find worrying.

I’ve come across a couple of people like RM, both of whom were like Jekyll and
Hyde … very angry at times about a whole range of issues (and towards me at
times), but at other times they were really charming and chatty. They played
games such as “Oh poor me!” and “Now I’ve got you, you son of a bitch”,
flitting around Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle, changing from being the
victim to the persecutor. So, it’s not surprising that I avoided them like
the plague.

The psychologist on Radio 4 said that one of their greatest fears is losing
people, but in fact their behaviour drives people away, and they usually end
up being sad and lonely.

Mrs C found an interesting article on a Google search, if you’d like to read

Perhaps, bloggers are a bit narcissicist, don't you think?

By the way, I'm just going downstairs to check that I've locked all the doors.


Blogger Rog said...

Sadly the continued availability of guns coupled with the oxygen of 24 hour news and Internet makes this murderer something he wasn't. I'm looking for a facebook group called "Moat did us all a favour"

5:55 AM  
Blogger justin said...

I agree with you, Rog ... there was too much media coverage.

10:38 PM  

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