Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our visit to Bruges

Hi everyone,
We got back from Bruges late Sunday afternoon, after a lovely break there.
The weather was a mixture of warm sunshine and cloud, with the occasional
shower. Bruges is small enough to walk around in a couple of days, and it
was really lovely to see all the old buildings there, brilliantly
preserved/ restored. If we’d had an extra day or two, we would have visited
more of the art galleries / museums there (which we’ll do on a future visit,
perhaps at a less expensive time of year).

The main downside of Bruges is the high cost of eating out there … 12 euros
for some cheese-cum-ham on toast, and main meals in the region of 20-25 euros
per person. You could eat more cheaply at some restaurants if all you wanted
were some pizzas, pasta or filled pitta breads. Prior to our visit, I looked
up some veggie restaurants on the internet and found a good one which we
visited … the Royal Frituur Veggie Eetboetiek, where we had more reasonably
priced food. It’s situated towards the far eastern end of Landstraat, not far
from the hotel where we were staying, The Flanders Hotel.

I’ve put up about 50 photos of Bruges up on my Flickr site … here are two of
them as a “taster” for you …


This is one of my canal photos with the Belfrey / Belforte tower in the
distance … this is one of the most photographed views of Bruges you’ll see
on the internet.


I took this one evening, looking towards the Jan Van Eyck Square, with the
Burghers’ Lodge tower in the distance.


Blogger Kimber said...


It looks heavenly. But tell me...how was the BEER!? Being preggers and homebound, I must live vicariously thought your taste buds. Or your wife's. (:

1:00 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Kimber ... thanks for your comment. Mrs C drank a few glasses of red wine during our stay, whereas I had just one small lager (as my stomach was still playing up). This was rather over-hopped, but good quality nevertheless.
Congratulations on being
preggers ... not so nice for you being housebound and teetotal, though.

10:15 PM  

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