Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's so-oo quiet

Our daughter L went home yesterday evening with her two girls, after
spending 5-6 days with us ... very busy days for us, helping L out
with the child-care, and extra shopping, cooking, making extra drinks,
and generally clearing up all the mess from day to day. It's really
lovely to have them here, and somewhat sad to see them go. But then,
it's great to have some time to ourselves / oneselves, and to get back
to normal life.

In addition to our visitors, we had Little A and J staying with us all
day last Friday. Their mum drops them off on her way to work, at 7.45am
on Fridays, and usually by 11am, both Mrs C and myself are already
tiring, and feeling it's time for lunch. On top of all this, we hosted
a large party for Mrs C's mum's 90th birthday party at the weekend ...
it was a large family get-together for her ... photos of which you'll
see on my Flickr site including this one, featuring a lemon drizzle cake
which my sister-in-law made for us all.


As usual with events like this, we tend to buy in / prepare too much food,
so we're still eating up some of the left-overs. I haven't yet opened a
ripe French Brie, partly as I'm going for some blood tests tomorrow, which
include testing my blood cholesterol level (which was minimally raised when
it was last tested 2 years ago). I'll have a nibble of the cheese straight
after the test. :)


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