Saturday, July 24, 2010

I can't find my car keys!

I wonder how often this phrase is said in a lot of households first thing
in the morning. An underlying message behind this could be trying to shift
the blame onto someone else: “Who's moved them from my usual place?”, or
perhaps a cry for help: “Help me find them, as I'm late for work, as it

Well two days ago, the question/statement from me was: “I can't find
the theatre tickets!” I'd bought them a few months ago, as a treat for
Mrs C and me, and instead of asking Mrs C to look after them, I'd put
them in a “safe” place.

I thought I'd pinned them onto one of our notice-boards, inside an
envelope provided by The Theatre Royal… an envelope which I thought
would stand out well.

I must have spent about 4 hours searching most nooks and crannies in
our house, much to Mrs C's annoyance as she was very busy with two
of our grandchildren, as well as doing food preparation, and could have
done with an extra pair of hands. Eventually I found the tickets on the
very notice-board I thought I'd pinned them … the envelope was partially
hidden by some notices I'd pinned over it. What relief I felt when I found
them! That evening we went to see “The Quartet”, which we thought was
brilliant... we were sitting four rows from the front, so we were very
absorbed in what was going on. The performance got mixed reviews here.

Yet another lost & found situation occurred today … I'd lost not only my
over-60s free bus pass, but also my favourite credit card. I spent a good
part of the day looking for them, searching all my usual places – pockets,
bags and surfaces. I also spent time trying to recall when I last used them,
and where I might have put them. I needed them for a food shopping trip
I'd planned to do today, for a large family gathering we're hosting
tomorrow. I did the food shopping without them.

At tea-time, I admitted the loss of my cards to Mrs C, whereupon she
made a few sensible suggestions including searching our dining room bay
window-ledge, which is festooned with her birthday cards plus several
pot plants.

Lo & behold, I found my lost cards hidden behind them all and underneath
an opened packet of biscuits of mine … I must have put them there for
safe-keeping. So I had mixed feelings about all this … huge relief as
regards finding them, but then feeling very annoyed with myself for
wasting so much time.

Now where did I put those bloody car keys!


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