Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fab Three

This morning I joined a couple of mates at a recording studio in Nottingham,
to put down a few more tracks of us singing and playing electric guitar
together. It went much better than I expected, including my own choice of
"When I saw here standing there", a song which takes me straight back to
the 60s (and meeting the first girl I dated, at a school dance).

The Fab Three

Hearing my own voice played back to me later on, felt rather strange ...
I hardly recognised it ... and I haven't got a very good singing voice
either, (so I would never have made it to "Top of the Pops"). Anyway, we
had a good time, though I'd felt very anxious about my own performance, in
the past few weeks. Two of my guitar strings broke during the session ...
my friend B replaced the first one, but after the second one went, the
sound engineer very kindly loaned me the studio's Fender Strat (which was
as good as, if not better than my own). If we ever do this again, we'll
bring in replacement strings and extra guitars.

I think the worry about this and several other factors have been the cause
of quite bad indigestion pain, which I've had on and off in the past few
weeks. The pain eased slightly with cutting out alcohol and coffee in the
past 10 days, and even more so today, which makes me think it was mainly
stress-related. It reminds me of the bad indigestion I had from time to
time, when working under a lot of pressure as a hospital doctor and then
as a family doctor. It disappeared when I retired!


Blogger Rog said...

This is no good, we want to see a VIDEO!!!!

I think stress is responsible for a lot of ills today - I felt a lot healthier since moving from employed to self-employed status.

Even your guitar strings were feeling highly strung.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

When I get indigestion through stress my friend tells me that is impossible, so then I worry about whether I have an ulcer, or something more sinister.

Thanks for stating that you suffer as well, and you are a doctor and should know what you are talking about (I hope!) I feel a lot easier now.

I recognise the person in the centre, and I think I've seen the chappie on the right before. I run two music clubs in pubs in the area and I know we have had guests from Nottingham in the past.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous edtNZ said...

It wasnt indigestion but I have cured my wind after meals by going on a yogurt diet. Half a cup full three times a day for a week. After a week the wind has eased noticably. Aparently the acidopolus and bifidus (spelling) in the yogurt are good for balancing the bacteria in your stomach.(my words) Get well soon. Regards from a sunny but cool winters day in New Zealand.

1:36 AM  
Anonymous edtNZ said...

By diet I dont mean thats all I eat. I eat normally and just add on the yogurt. Sweetened flavoured yogurt with real fruit is far nicer to eat than original yogurt which I find tart to taste. Just make sure it has the good A&B stuff in it on the label.

1:52 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Rog: I'm sorry to say there's no video, and if I were performing on "Britain's Got Talent" I would have got three buzzes straightaway to stop (plus a roasting from Simon Cowell).

Rog, Keith & EDT: thanks for your comments about indigestion caused by stress ... I've had a fair amount of this throughout my working life (and have had the appropriate tests, to check it wasn't CA). The diagnosis everytime was hyperacidity (a medical term describing the same thing - which doctors tend to do, to give their patients a fancy name for their condition - it makes us appear more professional).

Stopping work was the best thing I did as regards my indigestion.

Thanks for your advice about the yoghurt, EDT ... I'll give it a try.

6:50 AM  

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