Friday, June 11, 2010

Catch-up on my news

Since we’ve been back we’ve had a small family get-together to celebrate
Mrs C’s upcoming birthday, for which I made a couple of Sophie Dahl’s
chocolate cakes.



The recipe for the latter is a good one, but I found the cooking temperature
and timing for our fan-assisted electric oven needed to be increased (190
deg C for 55-65 mins).
Anyway the end result was really lovely, as was having all our girls together
(plus nearly all their partners and our grandchildren). The weather was great
for most of the day, but later on we had torrential thunderstorms which lasted
well into the night.

I spent the next few days processing over 200 photos of our Strasbourg trip,
and putting them onto my Flickr site. Why I put so many on, God only knows,
but then I thought they were my best photos of several hundred more, so why
not share the best with everyone? Why indeed. However, several of my shots of Strasbourg Cathedral weren’t very good, owing to bad lighting / poor technique,
but I’ve put them on partly to remind me to take better ones next time we go …
one of my sisters lives there, so we’ve got no excuse not to go and see her

Here are three of the many photos I took …

The Opera House


One of the most photographed buildings in Strasbourg …


The tram at Place Kleber


It looks very like one of our trams in Nottingham, but in a more stylish setting.

Today, we’ve had our two Nottingham grandchildren with us the best part
of the day, and later on, we put on a meal for two of Mrs C’s friends,
all of them former counsellors at Relate. I spent some time on the computer
upstairs while they talked shop and about their personal lives, but joined
them later for tea and a chat. We looked at each others photos later on,
until bedtime (as one of Mrs C’s friends is staying with us overnight,
returning home to Scotland tomorrow).

To end on … a little quiz for you. Who do you think painted this fabulous
picture, and in what year? Where can you see the original painting?



Blogger Betsy said...

I have no guesses on the painting, but it is a beautiful one! It's so detailed, it looks like a photograph!

Your cake looks fabulous! I am impressed! Happy birthday to Mrs. C! What a lovely family! ;)

12:25 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Betsy ... well the picture is one of Ingres' paintings, which is hanging in The Louvre. I spotted this copy in a shop window in Strasbourg.

Thanks for your kind comments about the cake (sumptous dark chocolate being the main ingredient!), and about my family.

10:23 PM  

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