Thursday, May 13, 2010

Election results plus more photos

Well, isn’t the latest election news really exciting?

We now have a Lib-Con pact, which I reckon will last less than 6 months…

… enough time for both parties to impose savage cuts in Govt spending,
and to reveal their true character.

… and enough time for Labour to re-group behind a new, more charismatic
leader, and to storm back in at the next election, with hopefully a
more green agenda.

… and pigs will fly. :)


Here are a few of the pics I’ve just uploaded onto my Flickr site.

Rhododendron flowers in Sheringham Park


… and bluebells also


A couple of guys at Sheringham Station (the Poppy Line to Holt)


Some fishing boats at Sheringham …

and some pics of our fab grandchildren ...

Little D


and her sister, Mini …


their cousin, Little A


(who will be 4 in October)

and her brother, Little J


All of them, great fun to be with. How marvellous is it to be able to
spend some time with them.

And here’s someone we met while on holiday, Bobby-Jo, who was very
welcoming. I can’t recommend her hairdresser to you, though.



Blogger Dumdad said...

The coalition will no doubt end in tears but it was nice to dream of politicians of all parties putting aside their differences and doing the best for the country. Oh well.

Lovely pix.

10:39 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi DD ... yes, I agree with you 100% there. The Lib-Cons are doing their utmost to create a friendly united front ... united on a lot of policies, but agreeing to disagree on others. The art of compromise. I wish them well, really, as they've got a very difficult job ahead of them, to sort out our country's huge amount of debt ... created largely by the Govt. having to bail out the banks.

Thanks too for your kind comments about my pics.

10:34 PM  

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