Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to usual cooking

Mrs C came back from her conference yesterday afternoon, so we're back to
our usual high veg diet. Yesterday I made a mountain of houmous, using Rose
Elliot's recipe in The Bean Book. I vary the recipe slightly from time to
time, just adding ingredients to taste, so the end result does vary a little.

I ate a fair amount before the evening meal on thin slices of brown bread
rolls (home-made, of course), and then a lot more with a large quantity of
roasted vegetables (potato wedges, sweet potato, carrot, red pepper and
onion chunks), and yet more veg: steamed cauli, brocolli and spinach.

Prior to all this, I had eaten half a tin of Heinz baked beans on toast at
lunchtime, so you can imagine that I was quite windy after eating all this. :)

Today, we had Linda McCartney veggie sausages, together with steamed thin
slices of potato and lots of steamed green veg and carrot. And at lunchtime,
we had leek & potato soup, with brown bread.

As regards the potato, I slice this up very thinly, and layer it up in the
steamer, with a little salt & pepper plus very thinly sliced garlic under
the top layer (I use one fat clove of garlic, for extra flavour).
So this is bit like Dauphinoise potatoes without all the cream / butter /
milk, and having to clean up the oven afterwards. I cook it in the steamer
for 18-20 minutes ... brilliant.

The rest of the houmous is now in little containers inside our freezer.
We slice up our bread loaves, and freeze the slices in the freezer too ...
a tip given to us by Mrs C's mum. When defrosted, the bread is amazingly


Blogger Kimber said...

MMMM, Justin, it's lunchtime here and I'm starved - reading your blog just makes my tummy rumble harder!

Can't wait to try the hummus recipe. I just buy mine although I do cook with chickpeas frequently. Would you be willing to send me the recipe for the home made rolls???

5:01 PM  

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