Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another short break coming up

We're off to sunny Strasbourg at the weekend for a short break. We're
hitching a ride with the Leicester Symphony Orchestra, who are giving
two concerts out there (and also touring the area). It will also give
us a chance to meet up with one of my sisters who's living out there
(and to see her new apartment in the city centre).

When we get back, our entire family (our 4 daughters plus children) will
be visiting/staying with us, so it will be hellish we'll be extremely busy
chatting with them and feeding them all. So my next blog post will be
around 6 June, my dear readers.

A bientot.


Anonymous edt said...

Have a nice time...looking forward to your return...regards from a bleak wet late autumn day in NZ

4:38 AM  

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