Friday, April 09, 2010


You will see from my latest photos on Flickr, that Mrs C and I went
out one day over the Easter weekend to one of our local country parks.
We took Mrs C's mum with us for a walk around the estate. Great-Grandma
is a very lively 89 year old, who can still manage to walk up and down
steep hills carrying food-shopping, and who takes an interest in
everything going on.

We've planned to take her on a mystery holiday this summer (to
Northumberland), as part of her 90th birthday celebrations. We're
keeping the location a secret from her, despite her attempts to wheedle
the information out of us. So if you see her, please keep mum about it.

Over the weekend we listened on and off to Classic FM's "Hall of Fame"
... a bit like listening to the pop charts on the radio, but this
this one starts at number 300 in a list of listeners' favourites.
Top of the pops this year for the 4th year running was the lovely "Lark
Ascending" by Vaughan Williams". Here is one of the YouTube videos of
part of it, if you'd like to hear it ...

One of the radio presenters asked listeners to phone or email in, with
stories of the worst Easter outings they'd had. One caller phoned in
to say that his dad took them out to a plumber's merchants (as his dad
was a plumber). Another listener was taken to the opening ceremony of
a local supermarket, Tesco Extra ... a good choice I think, as I always
always enjoys a bit of retail therapy, and chatting with people in the
check-out queues.

Mrs C reminded me of her worst experience ... her dad took the whole
family down the lane to the opening of the revamped sewage works (at
Stoke Bardolph in Nottingham) ... Severn Trent Water Company had laid
on guided tours, I gather, so you could see / smell the goings-on there,
close-up. One of Nottingham's less well known tourist attractions, I


Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

The music - oh yes, and it's perfect for relaxed Sunday afternoons.

A quick look from that link also lead me to Nigel Kennedy's version, a guy who's talent is legendary -

At one time I often played classical music on Sunday afternoons but I have to admit that these days it's rare. Which is a shame as I've found it also has therapeutic relaxing effects. My favourites in my LP collection are mainly from the 'Academy of St Martin in the Fields', if you've heard of them?

10:14 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Kevin, yes I have heard of this orchestra ... and quite a lot of their music over the years.
Mrs C and I usually have either Radio 4 or Classic FM on most days, for short periods of time.

9:46 PM  

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