Friday, April 16, 2010

What a day ...

... and what a week, with having one of our daughters staying with us
all week, with her two little daughters, and then today we had our
other two grandchildren with us all day as well. Those of you with
little children will be used to broken nights' sleep with children
crying and early starts ... 5.30am starts being the norm with our
little ones. I look forward to the time when they're teenagers, more
used to getting up at lunchtime than the crack of dawn.

My only other "fixture" this week was spending last Monday morning
playing electric guitar with a couple of mates ~ we're the Three
Buskerteers ... only we don't do any busking. One of them was given
some studio recording time as a Xmas present, so we're meeting up more
often than usual, to reherse the songs properly before we record them.

Our song list for the recording session includes three songs by Bob Dylan
(aka His Bobness, by one of my mates) ...
It's all over now, Baby Blue
It takes a lot to laugh
If you see her say hello
and also, Steve Earle's Goodbye
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
& Stormy Weather

The latter contains four bluesy chords played in rapid succession, over
and over again, which I find difficult to play and to sing the song at
the same time. The others are much more competent guitar players and
singers than myself.

We've got another rehersal this coming Monday, and the first recording
session the day after.

Two treats this week (to mark our daughter's birthday) ... first of all
a delicious takeaway meal from our favourite local veggie restaurant,
Cafe Nomad. The food was a mushroom goulash, with turmeric rice and tofu,
plus extra (beany) salad. Exceptionally good flavours.
The second treat was a very simple Eton Mess, using Delia's meringue recipe,
lots of fresh soft fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries ...
all picked from our garden ... as if), together with some whipped cream
and creme fraiche. Dee-ee-licious, and so easy to make.


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