Saturday, April 24, 2010

Top of the the morning, to you.

I'm looking out of my window, and can see gorgeous hazy sunshine.
The birds are tweeting and the trees around us are becoming greener.
How wonderful!

One of our daughters Ms S, the classical guitarist, has come to stay
with us this weekend. She's playing her guitar at a wedding this
afternoon, which is happening at Harts Hotel in Nottingham. A lovely
venue with great views over The Park, next to Nottingham Castle.
The location is Standard Hill, where Charles 1 raised his flag at the
start of the Civil War. In more recent years, the main hospital in
Notingham was built on this site, the General Hospital.
What a great day for a wedding.

On S's play list today, are the following pieces (requested by the bride
and groom) ...
Pachelbel's Canon ...
Stanley Myer's Cavatina ...

It's been an interesting week for many UK holiday makers with the
Icelandic ash cloud ... either stranded abroad or stuck in the UK with
no holiday abroad. (More interesting viewing than all the party political
stuff on the telly, I think).

I guess there will be little compensation for those affected ... after
all, volcanic eruptions are acts of God, aren't they? The other side of
the coin is that all this disruption at airports, etc., is great news for
the UK holiday industry. Let's all get back to having fun on our beaches,
and taking healthy walks/cycle-rides in our countryside.


Blogger Keith said...

". . .volcanic eruptions are acts of God. . ." but someone like me who believes that God doesn't exist could possibly claim massive compensation. In my world it can't be an act of someone who is just a fairy tale.

11:35 PM  
Blogger justin said...

I don't really believe that God exists, either, Keith. I'm still waiting for my "Road to Damascus" moment.

10:19 PM  

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