Tuesday, April 06, 2010

OMG, it's another 4 weeks to the General Election

Well. it's going to be on May 6th, the General Election that is. Is the
country going to stick it out with Gordon Brown and Co. for another 5
years, or will the majority of pollsters fancy a change to the Tories or
the Lib-Dems? I've heard second-hand that the LDs will get rid of Trident
if they get in power, which I think would be marvellous if only to stop
Labour / the Conservatives from frittering away shed-loads of money on it.
However I think I'll need to see this policy in writing (in the Lib-Dem
manifesto), before I'd give them my vote.

I really detest the TV and radio coverage of the electioneering that goes
on and on in the run-up to the General Elections ... there's far far too
much coverage, which does my head in. This evening we watched about two
minutes of the news at 9pm, and then switched straight over Virgin Media's
TV catch-up service to view something else instead. I imagine that a lot of
of the British public will be doing the same.

TV-wise, we caught up with the last episode of A Touch of Frost, which had
some dramatic twists and turns in the plot. Were the script writers going
to kill him off, as Colin Dexter did to Inspector Morse? Or were we going
to see a happy ending with David Jason tootling off in his car to a
retirement home in a Cotswold village. If you missed it, I'll leave you to
find out for yourselves... http://www.itv.com/Drama/copsandcrime/atouchoffrost/default.html
I'll miss David Jason's fine acting in this role, and that of his fellow
actors too.

We've got Little A and J coming over to stay with us tomorrow, and as it's
almost midnight now, I'll say: "Goodnight, folks".


Blogger Rog said...

Pity they can't replace the Party Politicals with reruns of Frost.

2:50 PM  
Blogger justin said...

I agree with you there, Rog. The news channels are full of what the three main parties are offering. What does interest me will be the live televised debate between the party leaders, with questions from the audience.

10:18 PM  

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