Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sisterly feelings

We had our two of our grandchildren staying with us the best part of
yesterday (our usual Friday stint / treat). Mrs C took Little A with
her on the bus into town in the morning, for a wander around the Vicky
Centre, while I looked after her brother J at home.

A enjoys her bus rides, especially when sitting on the upper deck of
the bus. Mrs C enjoys having chats with her about A’s life at home.

Here are a few of her comments:
“I lub Daddy and Mummy, and Daddy and Mummy lub me.”
“Daddy and Mummy made me, and Daddy and Mummy made J…y.”
“Daddy and Mummy lub J…y, but I don’t lub J…y … he’s my brother.”

All my photos arrived from Snapfish this morning in a large cardboard
package (similar to the ones that Amazon uses). I half dread opening
up packets of prints, as I'm often disappointed with the quality of the
colour. However, I'm over the moon with the colours in this latest batch
... a fantastic colour match to what I can see on my computer screen.
I award Snapfish five gold stars, for high quality printing and very
speedy service.


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