Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two little stories

Two stories to tell you...

The first one is about my 3 year old granddaughter, A, who collapsed
in a heap after briefly running around the coffee table with her
cousin Mini and her uncle J. It was towards the end of a very active
day for her at our house.

“I wanted to be first … I wanted to win a prize!” she sobbed.

Uncle J, who is the sales director for a London IT software company,
said: “Welcome to my world, A.”

The second one was told to us by A’s mum yesterday. She and her
husband K were shopping around for a fairly cheap new carpet for
their main bedroom (to tart up their house for a Spring sale). The
first shop they went to was the carpet department of one of the
main retailers in the area (well known for giving a “divi” to
their members / customers). There was only one member of staff in
the entire department, who looked as if he’d left school fairly

B and K showed him a piece of paper with their room measurements
on it.

“Oh, I’m very sorry, but I can’t accept measurements in centimetres,”
he said. “You’ll have to go home and come back again with the
measurements in metres.”

K said: “We can help you work that out from the figures we’ve
given you.”

Well they weren’t impressed with his maths skills, and so they
didn’t proceed with the purchase. They went elsewhere to buy the

I'm having a little break from blogging until about 2 March, so
I'll be back in touch with you all then,


Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

First story. Yep! I know exactly what he means, and I'm not even up to his level on the IT career ladder!

Second story. I want that sales guy's job! It sounds far easier and simpler than my job area, and I might even manage to convert cm measurements into square metres eventually, and without a calculator :)

11:59 PM  
Blogger Max said...

Okay, Justers -- See you next Tuesday (snigger) then. ;-)

2:26 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks for your comments, Kevin and Max (... yep, I've done a little post after your comment, Max, even though it's now 1.00am, Tuesday morning)

12:55 AM  

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