Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Yes, we're back from Germany

We got back just under a week ago. We stayed in self-catering apartments,
while we were there, in a small town called Hersbruck, which is a short
train journey from Nuremberg (Nürnberg). We were in Germany for our annual
cousins' meet-up, which was hosted this year by a couple who spend part of
the year in Germany (in Lauf), and half in the UK. Both of them are now
retired from work, which allows them to live their lives like this.

I don't think I'd really like to have a second home, and to live such a
life-style, as I'd find it too disruptive as regards keeping all my various
activities and friendships going. For example I play electric guitar with
a couple of mates every 2-3 weeks, so I'd miss out on a lot of fun for 6
months if I had a second home abroad ... and I'd also miss seeing our
daughters and grandchildren.

The weather in Germany was quite good ... some good sunny and warm days,
interspersed with some wet / cloudy ones. We spent some time wandering
around Nuremberg, visiting some of the historical sites there, and we also
visited some of the nearby towns .... Regensburg, Bamberg, and Bayreuth,
to name a few. I'm not far off sorting through load of photos - 320 of them
- about half of which I'll put up on my Flickr site by the end of this week.

I'll also be putting onto Flickr some photos of Fountains Abbey (near Ripon
in Yorkshire), which we visited on my birthday about 3 weeks ago. It's a
National Trust property, which is open all the year round.

Since we've got back we've been catching up on a lot of missed TV drama and
comedy, plus "The X Factor" of course. For those of you who are watching it,
who do you think will be in the top three/four by the end of the series?
My favourite four are ...
Jamie Archer ~ http://xfactor.itv.com/2009/finalists/detail/fnl_80007.htm
Lucie Jones ~ http://xfactor.itv.com/2009/finalists/detail/fnl_80014.htm
Danyl Johnson ~ http://xfactor.itv.com/2009/finalists/detail/fnl_80006.htm
Olly Murs ~ http://xfactor.itv.com/2009/finalists/detail/fnl_80008.htm
... and I hope that Jamie will win it, as I reckon he's the most talented ~
he's a born entertainer with a fabulous voice.


Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

As you probably saw, Lucie Jones went out this last weekend.

Something has to be so very wrong with the voting system, or is it the Press influence 'at it' yet again? Certainly 'Jedward' shouldn't have lasted this long, they are very poor singers for a start.

Initially I thought John and Edward were a send-up instigated by Ant and Dec (remember their own junior versions of themselves?), but now I'm beginning to wonder if they were set-up by Sharon Osborne as a revenge against Simon Cowell?

Reality TV it might be, but unfortunately it's the nearest we have these days to the old traditional song and dance entertainment that Saturday night TV should always be about. Followed by a good late film, of course!

12:08 AM  

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