Monday, November 09, 2009


Today was fairly cold and sunny. I went a little walk around 9am, to
our local Co-op shop to buy a couple of carrots, do some photo-copying,
and to put 10 empty wine bottles into the recycling bins nearby. Then
I walked further up Mansfield Road to our nearest post office, to post
some garments back to Land’s End (a catalogue shopping service). Mrs C
had ordered a few items, and wished to return most of them as they didn’t
fit her.

I then spent a good part of the day, putting together a talk on how to
use a flash drive for the Computer Club I help run … I’m putting various
aspects of file management into the talk, as well as how to set up password protection on a flash drive with Rohos or Truecrypt. I’m padding the talk
out with stuff about file management, as otherwise there isn’t a lot to
talk about flash drives (apart from how brilliant they are, and how simple
they are to use).

Mid-afternoon, I decided it was time to start sorting out my pig-stye of
a den … the room with the fitted wardrobe, inside which I’ve put some
shelving. I put up a clothes rail, and have started to clear some of the
clutter from the room … tools, screws, sandpaper, etc, etc. I’ve got heaps
of paperwork to sort through, and to file away properly, before I can set
to and help Mrs C get her (online) tax return together … which means
sorting through yet more paperwork. Hope to get all the info together before
Xmas, which is only six and a half weeks away.

Mrs C put together a lovely veggie stew for our evening meal, while I was
pottering around upstairs, and a bit later I cooked some potato and cabbage
to go with the stew. With all this we had a generous glass of a Spanish
Sauvignon Blanc, which was lovely, and we then settled down to an evening’s
TV viewing (snuggling together under a thick fake-fur blanket) … Miranda
Hart’s sitcom, FlashForward, and Collision … a new drama showing on ITV
every evening this week … it looks very promising.

Previously … we’ve been watching a DVD of the second series of Dexter,
looking at two/three episodes at one go (it’s so addictive!), and we’re
still watching The X Factor … we’re disappointed that Lucie didn’t get
more support from the public (or from Simon Cowell), as she was voted
off the series last night. Oh well, we didn’t pick up the phone to vote
for her … we don’t vote at all.


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