Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Very busy

I’ve been very busy in the past week or so, so I’ve felt less inclined
to come onto my blogsite and send a post to you all. Sorry about that.

We’ve been seeing more of our family than usual, owing to birthday
celebrations and I suppose with various relatives feeling more sociable.
In the next few days, one of our nieces is staying with us overnight,
our daughter L and her family are coming to stay a long weekend with us,
(despite the fact that most of Saturday we’ll be up in Leeds, visiting
another of our daughters for the day), and the best part of Friday will
be taken up with child-minding our two Nottingham grandchildren. The
latter is now a weekly event … we enjoy having them both, but we feel
exhausted by the end of the day.

This week, I’m carryong on with building some shelving inside one of
our wardrobes. However, my drill chuck seized up suddenly yesterday …
the drill bit flew off and I half-fell into the wardrobe grazing my
elbows. I’ve often said that “Do it yourself” should be re-worded as
“Do yourself in”. I spent part of today, visiting a repair shop on the
other side of Nottingham, to get the power drill repaired. I carried
on with the drilling and sawing, later on this afternoon … fixing
wooden supports to the sides of the wardrobe. I’ll be doing more of
the same tomorrow.

I also fitted in a two-hour tutorial today, with a couple of U3A
members (from other U3As in our county), showing them how to build a
simple website … my third session with them.

And on Thursday, we are going to our next U3A class in Beginner’s
German, when we’ll be chatting with a German couple who are visiting
Nottingham. Our group leader is one of my friends, with whom I’ll be
playing electric guitar (jamming) next Monday morning … playing and
singing the Golden Oldies from the ‘60s onwards.

Next Wednesday, we’re flying off to Nuremburg to meet up with Mrs C’s
cousins, one of whom married his German penfriend’s sister many years
ago. This couple are now retired from work, and spend 6 months of the
year living in the UK, and the second 6 months in Germany. Mrs C’s
brother, who speaks German also, is coming with us, so we’ll be able
to practise speaking some basic German with them all.

Next up are few stories about Little A in Nottingham who has just had
her 3rd birthday. She had a temper tantrum while crossing the busy main
road outside her house last week, saying: “I want to dance in (the
middle of) the road!”. Her mum had to almost drag her across it, while
advising A. that she couldn’t dance in the road. A. replied: “Well,
I’ll save my money, and I’ll buy a road!”
When A. saw something she wanted, she said: “I’ve been waiting for one
of those all my life … and all my birthday lives!”
And then two days ago, A put her arm around her mum’s shoulders when
they were kneeling/sitting on the settee, and comforted her with these
words: “I’ll look after you, Mummy.”



(a couple of photos from my Flickr site)


Blogger Kimber said...

I can't wait until Jady Lady begins uttering little gems of childlike wisdom. Your grandbabies are just lovely, Justin.

10:54 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Kimber. It's really great when they can say a few words, even if just to shout out "More!", when they want more grub. :)

9:42 PM  

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