Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The rain in Spain is mainly ... up North

Hi everyone,

Mrs C and I have been back from sunny Spain a few days now, and I’ve
been very busy dealing with a backlog of emails, updating websites,
food shopping, going to meetings, and today, puttting up a load of
holiday snaps onto my Flickr site. We've also spent evenings catching
up on last week's TV crime drama and comedy ... using the BBC I-Player.


The Costa del Sol was fabulously hot, with some hazy cloud at times … a bit
too hot for us really (av. temps 29 deg C). We stayed at one of our holiday
resorts, the Sahara Sunset Beach Club at Benalmadena, nr Malaga. We’d been
once before many years ago, as our introductory free holiday with the
holiday company, which is now under the aegis of Diamond Resorts. It’s a
really lovely place with 3 swimming pools including an indoor heated one,
a café/restaurant, and a mini-supermarket. The sea is very close – just down
the hill, and the sea-front has numerous restaurants, catering for various
sizes of wallet. Uphill from the site is a large park, the Parque de la
Paloma, which has with several coffee bars, a large lake to walk around,
two playgrounds for the kids, a waterfall and various animals roaming
around. The park is used mainly by the locals rather than by tourists …
I thought it was a lot more interesting than sitting on the beach (though
there were some topless women to be seen basking on the beach, occasionally
… and lots of topless men too).

So we had a very nice break with members of our family, despite not sleeping
too well due to the children crying occasionally during the night. We both
felt rather strange coming back to the quietness and comparative loneliness
of just two of us living in our house (that is if you don’t take into account
our two cats). However it was great to get back to comfy beds, good drinking
water, proper cups of tea, and the coolness of Autumn in the UK.

PS ... Gary, our local computer repair man, has a photo like the one above
on his computer desktop. I've tried to take a similar shot on various
holidays we've been on, and I think I've succeeded this time in creating a
replica. The tree is alongside a beach cafe at Benalmadena.


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