Monday, September 14, 2009


Woke up this morning ... unusually early, and lay in bed for a while before
getting up, and switching on my computer. I've read through some comments
(ta very much for sending them), and am now writing this at 5.10am (after
about 4 hours' sleep).

Today, I've set up a second meeting with members from other U3As in the area,
who are interested in setting up their own websites. I'm running through
various aspects of using Gimp (to resize photos, etc), Weebly and 110mb (for
creating small websites), and Kompozer (to make larger sites, together with
free FTP Commander, and Angelfire for web-hosting). All this in 1-2 hours.
So I'm feeling very excited (and a bit anxious) about presenting so much
stuff.... I think this is why I woke up so early. Oh, I also was thinking it's
time I got in touch with you all.

Later on today, I'm going to an open U3A meeting about making a will. Not that
I intend dying just yet ... it's just in case I do.

Talking about dying, I read in The Times last Saturday that the author Roald
Dahl died 20 years ago.... 20 years ago ... how can that be? It seems like only
a short while ago. Some of you might remember a series of gruesome mysteries:
"Tales of the Unexpected", written by RD and produced by Anglia TV. The content
was horrific at times, but with some black humour mixed into the plot, to
lighten it. One of my favourites was the story about someone being clobbered
to death with a joint of lamb (or was it pork?) ... and then the murder weapon
being roasted and eaten, when the police arrrive on the scene. A recipe for a
perfect murder? And then the stories for children like "Matilda". I think most
people can relate to some really bad schoolteachers or authority figures ...
I could fill a few chapters of a book about some of those.

I spent the past few days painting the fences around our property, some taking
over an hour each to do (if you include pruning all the shrubs around them,
including some very prickly ones). The weather's been gorgeous, so I thought
I should get on with this annual chore while it's been so nice. We've got 15
fence panels.


We off to sunny Spain next weekend, meeting up with our family (in London)
at Malaga Airport, and sharing a large apartment with them for a whole week.

Then Mrs C and I will come back home for a rest.

I'll squeeze in a little story about our granddaughter, Mini, who we'll be
seeing later this week. She'd drawn a picture of herself, her mum and her
grandma (Mrs C)... all going to the local coffee shop.


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enjoy your hols

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