Saturday, August 29, 2009

Online news stories

Hands up if any of you have not heard about the bizarre case of Jaycee
Dugard re-appearing after 18 years of alleged captivity in the home of
a known sex offender and his wife… Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

If you haven’t, then have a look at these two news reports on the
online BBC News website …..

I was amazed to hear both Phillip and Nancy pleading not guilty to a
whole host of charges against them, including the alleged kidnapping
of Jaycee 18 years ago. Either the couple are both delusional or are
hoping to get some of the charges against them dropped by plea-bargaining
or whatever.

There’s another interesting news story here …

The News Corporation is about to introduce charges for readers to look
at its online news. James Murdoch (son of Rupert) thinks that the BBC
has an unfair advantage in being able to offer free online news to its
readers, whereas Greg Dyke reckons that it’s the decline in advertising
revenue which is the cause of the financial difficulties facing the
commercial media (newspapers, TV and radio), and that the BBC has
nothing to do with the situation.

Would you pay to see news articles provided by the News Corporation,
when you could look at similar articles free on charge on the BBC News
online? I wouldn’t.

However I did buy a copy of The Times today, and had a read also of
someone else’s copy of The Guardian, looking at the news coverage and
other articles. Mrs C and I like doing the weekend Jumbo Crossword
(the easy version) in The Times, and we also like to have the TV Guide
for the coming week. We read other sections of The Times as well,
though I’m not interested in the Sports section (which is unusual for
a bloke, I think).

The long term job prospects for journalists don’t look very good, as
it looks as though newspapers will disappear, except for the free
ones which are crammed full of adverts… and which go straight into
my recycle bin (along with all the unsolicited flyers for pizza and
curry houses in the area).


Blogger Keith said...

. . . and did you know that the Govt (spit!) and the BBC (double spit!) are considering introducing a licence to be on t'internet? The reason? Now that you can watch live tele on your computer, why have a television set? People like me who don't own a television and don't pay for a TV licence will be hit with this new charge.

I don't watch TV at all on the computer because I consider 99% of programmes are absolute crap and an insult to my intelligence. As to the adverts, trailers, forthcoming attractions, previews etc., that interrupt the banal programms, words fail me!

The next things to be taxed with be bicyles, cats, allotments, the air we breath and sex. Sorry, forgot, sex is taxed already (condoms).

I do watch the news though.

Word verification today was "tweephin". Whats one of them?

8:30 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Keith ... as regards "sex", what pills are you taking, so I can get some? :)

10:17 PM  
Blogger Betsy said...

That Jaycee Dugard story is very disturbing. It's all over the news here in the states. There are some evil people out there!

10:16 PM  
Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

Hey, that's the best example of Keith being "Grumpy Keith" I've seen for some time!

Though I'm a bit concerned about the confession "I do watch the news though."

Actually the UK TV Licence was amended many years ago to include ALL possible forms of TV reception, partly due to being able to receive sound only on Japanese import multiband pocket radios (I had one, covered the 2M and 70cms Amateur Radio bands very nicely), but at the time did not specifically include transmissions via t'internet web - but the Licence certainly does now!!

AND it also includes t'interweb b'casts from such as Eastern Europe - who are now slowly overtaking the program content standards of Anglo-American TV productions. Hopefully some of their channels will be available to us, at least on FreeView, in the near future.

I don't like the sound of what's coming out from the Jaycee case. Obviously it's restricted information in the press, as it quite rightly should be at this stage.

But I get the feeling that the couple charged, and he especially, have become desensitised over time to the gravity of the situation they evolved themselves into. As such they no longer see the difference between right and wrong, and worse still, could see their own behaviour as perfectly acceptable to themselves.

(Isn't this called something like cognitive distortion. As was related to the Brady's case?).

1:07 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Betsy & Kevin ~ yes, the Jaycee case is totally bizarre. I'm not sure what the forensic psychologists will be saying about the kidnapper(s) ~ they both might be schizophrenic, and will probably end up in a US version of Broadmoor.

10:28 PM  

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