Friday, July 17, 2009

Yep, I'm back

Hi everyone. Sorry again for my delay in blogging.

If you've been experiencing the British weather, you'll be aware of
how wet it's been in the past 2 weeks or so. Devon and Cornwall were
badly hit with heavy downpours/continous rain. We were there last
week but between all the showers, we did manage some visits to local
towns and beaches ... Bideford, Bude, & Padstow (aka Padstein),where
we sampled some of Rick Stein's delicious fish & chips, and built
sand castles on the beach until rain stopped play.

One of the children was ill most of last week with bad ear infection ~
that was Little A. She got worse on the Monday evening, and fortunately
we got an evening appointment with the local GP. Unfortunately, the
doctor didn't carry any antibiotic samples, so we ended up going to
Devon Docs in Okehampton, to see another doctor and to get a bottle of
amoxycillin (some of you may know the banana-flavoured kiddies medicine).
Her dad and I spent 5 hours that evening travelling between surgeries
and waiting to see the GPs. Oh, the joys of country living!

We also visited a local farm for a "cream tea" (fresh scones, strawberry
jam and real clotted cream plus a pot of tea ... dee-licious), and to see
the animals ... ponies, lambs, hens, ducks & rabbits, all of which
Little A loved.

I'll put some photos of all these activities up on my Flickr site soon.
On the site where we were staying, we had frequent daily visits from one
of the resident peacocks, which we fed with bird seed and left-over bread.
A very tame bird. During that week, it plucked out most of its long tail
feathers, some of which I've brought home to photograph (and perhaps give
away to a school/natural history museum soon).

This week, I've been busy putting together a Powerpoint presentation on
various aspects about emailing, comparing Gmail with Hotmail & Yahoo Mail.
Gmail is my favourite for a variety of reasons, but I've still got accounts
with the other two.

I've also been busy putting the finishing touches to a website all about
using Gimp and Komposer (plus Weebly), to help other U3A members set up
their own websites. I'll be mentoring a small group of members in the
next 2-3 months, who are keen to get new websites up and running.

Next year, I'll starting a group for us all ... "Nerds Anonymous",
plus a support group for their long-suffering partners, on how to put
up with nerds in the home.

I'll finish this post with a funny story about my 89 year old MIL, who
phoned up Mrs C yesterday with some family news plus a huge complaint
about Wednesday's crossword puzzle in The Guardian....

"I spent a whole day," she said, "trying to get the answer to the clue:
"SLIGHT DEFECT" ... and there was a letter T in the answer ... and I'm
feeling very miffed that the answer in today's paper is "tunnel vision".
How is that possible?".

"Oh!" said Mrs C .... "Well, perhaps the clue was SIGHT DEFECT?"


Blogger Keith said...

Just a quickie. I'm late for an appointment.
Did you get my email with the attachment?

1:49 PM  
Blogger Max said...

The boy's back. You've been missed, my son. ~ M.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Kimber said...

Hurrah! Welcome back! Hope the holidays were satisfying, despite earaches and rainy days.

I adore cream teas...we only have a few spots around here that serve them and I am now craving a big lovely glop of devonshire cream, thanks to your post.

And did you know I have always wanted a peacock? I'm not sure they'd be conducive to farm life though; a coyote might get it, or dog might try to taste it! Did the owners let it run free or did it have a hutch?

8:20 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Keith: sorry, but I didn't get your email. I've just had a quick look at my Inbox (& the junk mail section). Please would you re-send it (perhaps with the attachment info in the main body of the email (or a link to any relevant website)?
Max: I've had a look at your site ... I'm not into game playing unfortunately. I've noticed that you've disabled the comments section on your site(?)
Kimber: Hi again. I've noticed that peacocks roost on tree branches really high off the ground ... well away from dogs, foxes, etc.. There was a group of 4 peacocks on the holiday site.

9:57 PM  

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