Friday, May 08, 2009

Picasa 3

Most of my time at present is taken up with general household
duties, babysitting, and food shopping, though in the evenings
we usually settle down to watch some TV. For example, tonight
we watched an episode of Taggart on ITV catch-up, but I slept
through the next programme Mrs C watched, as it didn't interest
me (and also I'd had some extra wine and felt tired too).

I mention all this as most of my computer-based activities now
take place either around midnight and at around 6am ... the
quietest times of the day for me ... and people-free. You can
tell from this that I'm a fairly introverted type of person.
However, I do enjoy some company in the day.

This morning I had a bit of fun exploring some of the features
of Picasa 3 - the photo-editing ones. I downloaded Picasa two
days ago, to try it out again (for the third time in recent years).

I was very impressed with most of the photo-editing tools, in
particular those for adding text, cropping, sharpening,
straightening out the verticals, and for changing the colour.
I didn't like as much the re-touching & gradient tools (Photoshop
is a lot better), and there was no way of altering the dimensions
of a photo other than by cropping it. I'm thinking about the
creation of a banner for a website, where it would be good to
be able to set a width at say 610 pixels and an overall size at
around 75-100kb (which is what you can do in P'shop).

However, I am amazed by what you can do with Picasa 3. I'll keep
it on my computer for a while, so I can do basic fixes such as
sharpening a portrait, very quickly.


Blogger Kevin 'In Salford' said...

Interesting, as I've also tried Picasa a few times in the past but I'm afraid I couldn't get on with it. I can't remember the last version I tried but it must have been at least a year or so ago, so maybe I should give it another look?

I would definitely recommend 'Irfanview', though you also need to install their separate plugins file to get the full functionality.

This software includes most of the popularly used functions within Photoshop, including lossless resizing of images without cropping. It also includes panoramic scene merging with just a few clicks. And in fact does far more than I would ever need! And it's Free!!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I,ve never tried Picasa, I always use Photoshop with Paint and PrintArtist in conjunction with each other. I haven't yet met a problem I couldn't solve.

I have made lots of headers, mastheads and banners for various bloggers. I'm more interested in the art of those programs than the ability to play around with phographs.

Will you be shopping in Leicester next week at anytime? Maybe we could meet up for a coffee and a chat.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous lom said...

And they say the photo never lies!

9:01 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Kevin: thanks for your suggestion about Irfanview, which I've since downloaded and had a play with. Unfortunately, I've found it too controlling (like the earlier version I tried of Picasa), so I'll try using Gimp instead.

Keith: thanks for your comments too. I've wondered for a while how you make your fab banners. I haven't tried using Paint or PrintArtist. Thanks too for your suggestion of a meet-up in Leicester ... I'll put that on hold for the time being, but thanks for your offer.

LOM ... well "photos never lie" ...about a woman's age, perhaps? One of the great things about using Photoshop, (and the like), is how easy it is to make someone look younger, without the discomfort of plastic surgery. :)

10:58 PM  

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